I'm Just A Teenager


It's 1a.m. and I am crumbling
mind numb as can be 
The sky's rumbling
tap my toes to the beat of
My hearts drumming
there's nothing here for me 
kick rocks and get going
Find myself new pavements 
cause they say that I'm outrageous 
Well I think they're just crazy 
A misunderstanding
of the way they've raised me 
Miss independent 
They're losing their baby 
I have 
just a couple month complex
also have a small paycheck
can't cut this leash I'm on
not ready for the world,
No foundation
Just one girl,
feels like I'm alone in this world
and my back's against a wall
I'm about to lose it all
Ready or not, here I come
Falling down
But I'm number one 
gonna drown
it's sink or swim
And this 
I cannot win 
Not on my own.
These streets are not my home
this isn't where I belong
Everyone I'm coming home
To be perched
Upon my throne 
Even though I've done them wrong 
with open arms
This is love.



I thoroughly enjoyed every second of that

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