I'm a Black Man

What am I? Who am I? I'm a black man That's what society tells me Even though my hue is brown, they say there's no way around Being a black man Dedicated like Malcolm X, wise like Fredrick Douglass, "the best" like Ali I'm a black man Shot down like MLK, broken, bloodied, fighting for life like Kunta Kinte I'm a black man All the races love me, all the races fear me 'Cause I'm a black man Am I a gangster or the president?Slave or a free man?Ignorant or intelligent? I'm a black man Protecting my brothers and sisters, watching all aroundAre you an ally or here to put me down? 'Cause I'm a black man The unknown at every turnWill you help me change the world or stand and watch me burn? I'm a black man                                             - Charles E. Taylor, III

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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