The Ignorant Bystander


United States
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The way the ignorant bystander lurks,
Enclosed with thoughts and society pressure,
Cradles their mind possessing hundreds of blisters,
Thinking they might overcome the silence.

Stuck with the stirring animosity within,
The way society strolls with manipulative intentions.
How they wonder why the bystander doesn’t speak,
When fed off by their anger and envy.

The way the tear trickles down the ignorant bystander cheek,
Realizing they have suddenly become the danger.
No longer compelled to refuse the trigger,
Now the world will watch and cry,
Pointing the finger as if they weren’t apart of the crime.

The conclusion of the monster soon to see,
Merely to be known as ignorant from the neglect of humanity.

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Shade Hendricks

The human that stands alone and is the odd one out, in what way do they not differ from any form of segregation practiced in the past? Personally I feel that psychological diversity is more important then any other conception of diversity. I see the way their is a social injustice; a flaw in the social system. That today, although the world has become seemingly diverse, that the word diverse has pretty much been carried around the dinner table nonchalantly. But true diversity is looking beside ones shoulder and seeing this weird looking person that rants off about random subjects or doesn't rant at all, and genuinely accepts them. It is the diversity that a person should hold towards ones psychological state of mind, character, and personality. The big reason why I believe this is because regardless of race, sexuality, class, appearance, and much more, every human being possesses their own personality, their own mental traits, and imagination. And I believe that the weird bystander that watches everyone live their lives, might in fact be that person with the right idea; a right idea to change the world for the best. So why should they be placed below any other human being?

Shade Hendricks

Karma sucks, so go out and do whats right....PAY IT FORWARD!!

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