Ignorance is Bliss

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 19:15 -- 14hoska


I am blind to people’s ignorance,

However ignorance is bliss.

And I still have tolerance,

As I wait for an aching kiss.


I am dumbfounded

By his beauty.

And yet it is astounding

How much I don’t care truly.


When will I be revived

From this tantalization?

Until I am deprived

With this realization.


Carelessness roams through my body.

Exhaustion seeps in my brain.

I cannot understand, just copy,

This madness drowning in my drain.


I have nothing to say,

Till the death of day.


Guide that inspired this poem: 



I love this poem.. really describes our love blinds us 


Thank-you! I appreciate it (: I had a pretty deep thought about the whole concept.

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