If Satan Needs Permission to Enter a Body, So Do You.


Naivety is expressed in many minds

About many matters where ignorance is but a synonym,

Yet let those words scathe their ears and retorts

Will soon follow. "Not all men-!" Yes all men because,

If i gave you a bowl of M&Ms and told you that only

Ten percent were laced with cyancide you still

Wouldn't take a handful to your lips. Instead it's a

Lotion scented hand that would rather pull away 

And run is what your chapped portal caresses. 


The street lamps turn on for wanderers to see, 

But what are they actually seeing? They see the

Sidewalk they are attacked on, the black suit 

Jacket's arm right before they fell asleep. They

Only see their last few moments of life from 

The lamp posts, However their attacker sees

Much more. He spots the height and physique

Of the girl he just chloroformed. She's not bult for

Combat, nor would be a hassle to carry. His eyes 

Percieve how she is dressed, a t-shirt and comfortable

Jeans.There's nothing revealing about her outfit, nor is 

There anything highlighted on her face to make her 

The one he should choose, nothing but the light of 

The lamp that blew her cover of darkness away, 


Feminism isn't raising the image of women

While degrading the image of men, it's fighting

For equal rights for men, women, those in between,

Or neither. They have a bad reputation only because

"Fem" Is regarded closely with "female." To be a

Female this day and age, is to constantly worry. to 

Constantly thing you aren't perfect while almost every man

You pass by thinks he's the king of vagina and boob land. 

He wants to dominate you, to put you in an inferior

Place to him just because his genetic material produced

A penis. If he rapes a women, the fingers point to the 

Victim. "what was she wearing? she was drunk. whore

Was probably asking for it." Other men defend him so

He won't go to prision? But what's so bad about prision?

He might get raped by a dominant male? 

Women are afraid to walk down a sidewalk forthe same

Reason men are afraid to go to prison. It's time for this 

To change. It's time for no person to fear being what we

All are... human. 



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