If Only You Could See

If only you could understand.

Can you not see the twinkle in my eyes

or hear the excitement in my voice

or see the happiness in my smile?

Are you so blind to your own world

that you can’t even try to see mine?

The people in my world understand

more than you ever tried to.

More than you ever wanted to.

More than you ever will.

And they understand what it means to be a friend

more than you ever could.

You used to be in my world,

but really, I never had my own world then,

I was just in the background of yours.

I thought you made it a better place

Because you had always been there.

But then I found a new world

and I found out what real friends were.

I tried to convince myself that you were just different

But now I’ve left your world and found a new one of my own.

And I can be happy here.

You can’t leave your own world long enough

For just a split second

To see how happy this new place makes me.

Maybe if you could see that

Then you would realize why I can’t stand to be part of your world any more.


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