If Only

Sun, 12/28/2014 - 11:41 -- Naner77


First, the feelings of unworthiness

battle for domination of mind and soul

They, seemingly irrelavent, are allowed in

These do not want to be known from the outside

So they hide themselves behind a joyful face

For if there was light, the darkness would be no more

Deeper, darker, colder than ever before

They begin their invasion

The mind grows dim, the heart hopeless

The body yearns for purpose, but finds no proof

So it is decieved.

Gives up.



From the inside out.

The body did not know

that its labors could have changed the world

The mind did not know

that it could have turned dreams into reality

The soul did not know

that it could have attained great Holiness

He/she was created to fufill a great purpose

If only, they would have known

Pray for their soul


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