If I were an artist

If I were an artist

and you were my muse

I'd paint you a thousand times

so I could hear your voice 

for a million years


I'd paint you with gold

like the stars in the sky

oh how they shine like you,

but they could never compare


I'd paint you with grey

like the sky in the fall

oh how I've fallen for you

like the tears from your eyes


I'd paint you with silver

like a dream come true

oh how you're an angel

who's brought light to my life


I'd paint you with red

like the blood in your veins

oh how love overflows

with every breath you take


I'd paint you with clear

like a window in a frame

oh how I can see through you

and still love you so


I'd paint you with blue

like the endless sea

oh how I could just drown in you

and I wouldn't care


I'd paint you with green

like Mother Nature herself

oh how you're so beautiful

all on your own


I'd paint you with purple

like a flower so fine

oh how you're so fragile

but also so strong


I'd paint you with all the colors

like a complex situation

oh how I'd die for my muse

and I would still be happy

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