If I could change...


If i could change a thing

it'd be my community

in my school

for all of us to be us

even if we wore a hat

or not

so we wouldn't have to face alone

the terrors that ensued

that parents and teachers didn't know about

but we did.


To make a change

to the teachers

who'd hurt us

betray us

do things that shouldn't be done

like yelling


public humiliation

and others

to us all


a change to the students


and rich

middle class

that we are all the same

doesn't matter if you are popular

or abused, broken, tattered


a social deviant

a rebel

it don't matter

we are all the same


a change to the parents

no pressure

tests are fine

grades are good

they're more than ok, great even

we don't have to get all A's

second place is as good as first

we are all the same


a change to the community

no racism

or sexism

or comments flown by haphazardly

this is where we should be ourselves

why can't you accept that?

We must.


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