I Would Rather


Bessemer City
United States

I would rather drown in makeup and my own tears before you called me ugly again.

I would rather face my own fears before you made new ones in my head again.

I would rather sleep alone before you laid cold in my bed again.

I would rather never eat again before you called me fat again.

I would rather be lonely before you faked being my friend.

I would rather talk to the voice in my head before you made me talk to the wall that is you again.

I would rather fake a smile and a head held high before you see me weak again.

I would rather live alone before you fake your love again.

I would rather die before I let you bring me back down to my lowest.

I am now in MY moment, this is no longer about you.

This is no longer our life, it is mine.

I would rather strip myself down and rebuild before I let you touch my life again. I would rather do anything before you hit me with another again.


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