I Would Rather

I would rather fall into a pit

While gazing at a star

Than always walk with certain step

And never looking far.


I would rather be on desert sands

With a sky of baby blue

Than stuck inside an office space

With far too much to do.


I would rather be admonished

With my head up in a cloud

Than always get a perfect "A,"

While stuck upon the ground.


I have heard some people reason

That my ways might not make sense

For when I state all my objections

That's when they strike my defense.


"We all live here in the present,

"These words ought to help you some,

"All of yesterday is over

"And tomorrow may not come.


"Do not dwell upon the past

"And don't think of future days

"Just be here, right in the present.

"Really, that's the only way.


"If you think about the 'elsewhere'

"Then you'll never find true bliss

"So forget the past and future

"Or it's the present you will miss."


No, I've flown through snowy mountains

Whose white tops have kissed the sky,

And I've seen the deepest ocean--

All of this, within my mind.


Do not take me from my musings

For with everything I see,

I can bring into the present

And reshape reality.


For it's always past and future

That determines where we are

We can't stare down at our shoes

When we want to touch a star.


But feel free to live in moments

And to take things as they seem

But I'll live for chasing "could-be's"

Because I would rather dream.


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