I Wish I Was Dead

I wish the leaves of the trees 

would swallow my heart 
the way your eyes do
For every time I look upon them 
I find myself dancing 
in an empty forest 
made up of memories 
never to have happened 
I count every freckle painted 
on your porcelain skin 
as you sleep your worries away 
I stay up 
And I watch you 
And I try to figure you out
But I can't 
I wish I was dead 
For fallen trees don't feel 
And The fallen aren't scared 
But the fallen are bathed in scarrs that won't heal 
And then you look at me
eyes spilling a million words a second
your lips tasting as sweetly
as the stars that sing me to sleep 
And I'll continue to dance 
in your forest until my legs give in 
for I crave your tall branches
and clear skys every time 
I lay in bed 
but I do not sleep 
I just think 
I think every flower 
that blossoms in your pupils 
I think of every kiss I loose myself in 
And it hits me
that iv already fallen on the ground
because I'm quick to fall in love 
that why I'm always on the ground
Yet I'll let your cedar arms
cradles my fears 
as my naked body peacefully sinks
into the dirt that protects your roots 
Eyes closing 
as I become one 
with your forest 
But Im scared 
Scared of every broken dream 
you might create 
Scared of every piece of me 
you might just break 
Scared of every bruised tear 
you might not see 
Scared of every bit of happiness 
I know you will give me 
I guess that's why 
I wish I was dead 
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