I, will always love you

it's dark in here, but its warm, and i feel your love everyday. you rub me.sing to me.and tell me that you love me.

i've been here for awhile not knowing what todo but i just fall asleep as u sing to me telling me you love me. will go to the park, you'll read me books, you'll plan my future as you tell me you love me.

i can't wait for you to hold me, the day is almost here, the day i can see the park and the books and to see you say you love me.

....but now, i no longer hear you say you love me, i no longer hear the stories, i no longer go to the park with you as you rub me

i know watch over you as you sleep at night, as you do all the things i never got todo with you because those people you let hurt me and take me out of you....took that away.


im sure you had you reasons but i'll never know why but just know...i just hope you know.. that I will always love you


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