I Wear a mask and it's called happiness

I wear a mask. It’s my smile in the hallway. because while you think I’m flying high, really I'm  fading away.

My mask is  asking how your day is. Listening to your unhonest reply, pleading for you to see I’m not alright.

My mask is my laugh. My mask is my smile.  My mask is happiness.


We all wear masks because we’re worried what society thinks of us. We stopped talking to each other. We got caught up in the misconception. Caring too much about someone's perception.  Yeah that’s what I call the great deception.

We wear masks. Society tells us we have to have the most instagram followers. The flyest cars. I call them Elon Musk, they have me  flying to mars. Like honestly, followers on Twitter define our worth? Or Instagram? I was taught to call that a scam.


Yeah we have all these fake lives, Oh excuse me did I say lives? I meant lies. People’s expectations are weighing me down.  All I’m doing is trying to rise.. Out of this fake mask wearing persona. The world tells me to forget that,  just have another Corona.

They refuse to let you break the mold and it’s getting so old. I’m tired. Somebody find my creator. Tell him to fix my gears and my switches. I need to be rewired. That’s what we are after all.  Mask wearing robots stuck to our phones, replacing our skin and bones. Even our laughter is a set ringtone. Our smile? Nah move it to the trash file.


So how do we fix it? How do we break our creators hold? It’s simple. When you get home turn off your switches. Put your robot self into sleep mode. Rip off your bar code. Take off your mask. Walk into school the real you, all your scars and failures.  Ask someone how they’re really doing. Listen and take off their mask for them. And together you two can break the mold. We weren't meant to live this life alone.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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