As I watched

I watched her,

I watched her fingers untangle

from the struggling grip of my hands.

I watched her eyes grow in hate and sorrow

from the shattering promises

when I said I’d never let go.

I watched her fall into the dark abyss

that we hung ourselves over

since the day that we could see, hear, and feel

this demon

also known as life.

She picked herself up

and she began to walk

through the long, narrow, and dark tunnel

All   By   Herself.


I watched her

Burry her face into the palms

of her trembling hands

sobbing, while calling out for me;

Praying that I could return to her

And I did.

I was with her every second

of everyday.

I tried to grab her hand once again

but she let go only after a matter of time.

So I did the only thing I could

and I continued to watch her.


I watched her

stare at the food that lay upon her,

waiting for the right moment to be alone

so she could dispose it,

while the cloud filled of haunting words

that people would constantly taunt her with

suffocated her

as she was being squeezed

by the pressure to be beautiful.

I watched her abuse herself

in way that she didn’t deserve.

I watched her

cup her hands that held the solution to all her problems

as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror

while her heartbeat synchronized

with the drips of the faucet.


I watched her

pour her emotions out

onto the people she once

couldn’t live without.

I tried to warn her

but, she didn’t listen.

I watched her

as she was abandoned,

not realizing her mistakes

until the day her friendship sank

into the deep ocean of loneliness

For the past three years,

I watched her sleep in my bed

I watched her play my instruments

I watched her use my cell phone

I watched her be loved by my parents

Without me


I watched her,

I watched this little girl

turn into a monster,

a demon,

a helpless human being



I watched her seek the light that she was

desperately trying to find.

I watched her

find the right people to be with

while she began to glue the broken pieces

of her ruined heart

And I watched myself,

I watched myself grip onto her hands

Once More

I watched myself pull her back

closer and closer,

until she was inside me,

inside the person she belonged to

I watched her stay strong

I watched myself proudly step foot

back into this new life that should’ve been mine

a long time ago.

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