I Was A Child

There’s a most familiar scent in the breeze
that sweeps across my face.
The origin of which
I cannot focus on completely.
I close my eyes
absorbing every sense of it.
It’s happened more than once.
A warm sunny day.
A cool, light, wispy wind.
Try as I might to stay firmly grounded,
I am pulled into another place and time.

That’s it!
The memories that have eluded me until now.
This feeling, this happiness.
The contentment and joy of just being alive!
I was a child when last these days I felt.
My life is full.
My heart is bursting.
My family and friends keep me planted.
I feel secure,
I love, I am loved, I have no stress.
I was a child with hopes and dreams,
I am without fear.

God has blessed me with so many memories.
That sense of excitement and wonderment,
as only a child may have.
I carry those feelings and memories with me always.
A lifetime of joy,
the joys of a lifetime.
Another milestone is yet before me.
Gracefully I age and rejoice.
I was a child,
and the child lives within me still.
Oh that summer breeze.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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