I Want To Be...(Me)


United States
39° 32' 24.558" N, 119° 44' 54.222" W

I am a wave
Part of the ocean
Floating high, floating low
And sinking
When I crash

My highs are
So high
I give God
A high-five

My lows are
So low
I'm not even in existence

I am no longer a wave

Now I want to be a breathe
Always a company
To life
Always in

I float in
Tickle you tonsel
Remind you again
Of my

I float out
Into open air
Mingle with other breathes
Then am pulled
Back in again
You need me

Then one day
You stopped breathing
You were no longer
In need of me

Never mind

I want to be...
What do I really want?
Want to be

I want you to need me
I am me

I want you to need me
Like you need a
Breathe of air

I want you to need me
Like the waves need the moon
To sway them

I want you to need me
I am me

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