I took to ecstasy

Fri, 06/24/2022 - 07:09 -- Creator

I took to ecstasy 

I found everyone missing the point 

To find paths that were not there

Beyond a dream, dear me. 


The earth’s end starting perfect is dying 

We are not out of doses of illusion stealing us away 

The earth screams 

No one porcini pacifies it. 


I would speak to everything to the peak of themselves 

Not because I can 

Everything of them in me cries for conversations 

For love's sake, we cannot ignore passion’s phoenix. 


I would be all I am to be 

Excited, though, strange to see 

Every vision seemed out of the box 

Each was me to be the old me I could not see. 


Yet time would ask for dues, fines, and wages 

Should I falter now 

Freely given to me, all the me that I am 

Doing what I should, were steps so fine I had to take. 


Earth alive in me screams to one I am on and one with 

Stand up! 

Love me sweetly and soft

Keep my ears blind and my eyes deaf, and my skin thoughtless.


Time would be on my right hand each approaching season

We will be fine in bank, gang, and tang 

Performing miracles with every single lead 

Each tick-tocks will be my friend in infinite intimacy. 




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