I Promise............

I Promise


Is she pretty?

Is she lovely?

You’re no longer lonely.


May I ask?

Did you give her your hat?

The one I used to wear when you still cared?

No need to speak, my heart is much too weak.

But my picture, will you always keep?

I suppose now there is no real need.


Do what you want, rip it up.

So it, like me, is long gone,

Forever from your heart.

That is all.


Goodbye, it was nice while it lasted.

But now I must let go.

So that you may know, I don’t need to see your face,

To be okay.


I promise not to cry.

I promise not to give up and die.

I promise you I’ll love again.

And he will be a better man.


I promise, I promise.


But would you spare me one last favor?

No, not a kiss…

Just for you to wish,

That he doesn’t hurt me like you did.


I promise, I will love again.

I promise I will find a better man.

I promise I won’t cry.

Eventually I’ll be fine.


I promise, I promise...








DISCLAIMER: I wrote this a long time ago


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