I Never Understood



I never understood what was so different about LGBTQ people that they got treated so differently 


I never understood why sometimes my uncle had to hide who he really was from society


I never understood all the dirty looks from adults when my little brother decided to wear pink


I never understood why it was ok for me to have a boyfriend, but not my uncle


I will never understand why people think it’s a choice, as if someone wants to get oppressed

because of their sexual orientation


I never understood why the phrase “that’s so gay,” became an insult


I will never understood why if a child has two moms or dads that they will automatically be gay


I never understood why my godmother and her partner had to resort to getting married in New Zealand

before it became legalized in California


I will never understand why it takes multiple suicides for there to be an awareness of LGBTQ discrimination 


I will never understand why there is so much hate against a group of people who are simply living the

same lifestyle as everyone else


And finally, I will never understand why my brother, my uncle, my best friend, and everyone else like them

can’t be who they really are 


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