i need help

I want to kill myself everyday. And that will never change no matter what anyone say. The girl I love will move on like the rest. Life is just a simple test. That I been failing each and every year. My depression push everybody away. When all I need was someone just someone to stay. Suicide thoughts is what i fear. Yet they are the only thing on my mind. I been looking for self worth but it’s something I will never find. When I’m gone no one will miss me I’ll smile to your face. But inside I’m dead knowing I’m easily replace. What I say is sad but true just wait and see. Not family not friends and this is how it will always be. 22 years and I already want to die when my life just begun. But I can’t keep going on I’m done. There is still a loving boy inside being withheld. But the demon is to strong how can you hear his cries for help. And the demon reply’s It’s fine don’t listen to him look here can’t you see my smile. It don’t matter it’s plastered on the real one been gone for quite a while. What I say is true just listen and believe. But it’s time I deal with him and take my leave.

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