I need a different kind of love story...

I need a different kind of love story...

Okay, so here's the synopsis:


A girl meets a boy

And then questions her self worth

When he looks her up and down

And his eyes pause on her short skirt


The boy then says "dayumn"

With them eyes opened wide

As he hurriedly retorts

That those are a "nice pair of thighs"


And when this girl leaves

She'll look down at her skirt

And determinely ponder

How she's embarassed and hurt


At her home, in the mirror

She'll inttelligently decide

That no matter the circumstance

She is more than her thighs.


She is humor and laughter

At it's finest and worst

Shes punny and youthful

A star,

about to burst


And she'll cherish that skirt,

In all of it's glory,

For makig her question her self worth

And bringing her this story.




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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