I Love Myself

Because I Love You, I gave You My hand.

I held on Tight.

like a Babe to its Mum,

like a Newborn to its Blanket,

like a Girl to her Dad.


Because I Love You, I told them No.

I said I was okay,

covered tears with teabags,

covered shouts with excuses,

covered bruises with cake.


Because I Love You, I had Faith.

Believed this was the Last time.

Bought into your lies,

your sweet words,

your cherub face, a face which I Believed I could trust.


Because I Love You,  I stayed.

Against my better good.

But you had fun didn't you,

turning a good girl into one I couldn't recognize,

didn't know who I was,

looking into a Mirror.


Because I Love Myself, I left.

Took My belongings,

took My heart,

took all I knew and Left,

Because I Love Myself.


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