I love everything about you.

Wed, 05/21/2014 - 09:06 -- Cecy_21
What I love about you
is that You are,
Tall, thin yet muscular
With soft looking hair,
That makes me want to touch it,
Event though I know the answer to that.
patient, charismatic
wise, sweet, 
along with an amazing sense of humor 
that can make anyone laugh even
when they don't want to smile
not to mention your eyes
Because I have never seen such dark eyes
with soo much light in them.
Its crazy every time I stare into them I feel like a monkey when it is offered a billion bananas
that's what I love about you.
And I'm not talking about that kind of love that dies after you screw up and make yourself look bad
Because trust me, if it was
We wouldn't be together right now.
I'm talking about about the kind of love that just..
cannot be described
I mean,
Your mistakes can't change my feelings because
It's the mind that gets angry, but the heart still cares
You know what I mean? 
sometimes I feel like,
I'm drunk, until I realize that I'm not 
I'm just intoxicated by you and only you
sometimes I have to pinch myself because
you are just too amazing to be real but you are!
And even if you say the "wrong things"
at the worst moments...
And I make it "a big deal"
Just know....
that I can take a joke
I just like messing with you!
And then you apologize
Well, attempt to
That's what I love about you
Although sometimes
I may not be the kindest person in the world,
it doesn't seem to bother you...
at times
you laugh when
I mess up,
we kinda both do.
And that's
what I love about you
When I would drag, to get down the stairs
because my foot wasn't in the greatest conditions
you waited
And sometimes you went slower too.
and I just wanna say appreciate that 
When we almost fell down the stairs
because I decided to hug you as
we were descending
One goal...
And we almost "died"
And when you write letters to me,
more like questionnaires
and I complain
you always tried to make them more formal.
And I love that about you!
The letters you have written to me are all kept
in a safe place
because they make me laugh,
and I love things that make me laugh
and what I love most is when
you try to sing
I love how you kept on singing to songs from One Direction
I love how you know the lyrics to their songs..
Oh sorry read the lyrics to the beat of the song
but what I love more is that
you aren't afraid of singing those songs in front of
your friends.
(Because I know I wouldn't be able to)
You are just such a sweetheart
its hard to know what to say
so that I do not wind up looking
And believe it or not, I love that about you
But I'm exhausted,
exhausted of scrapping my knee falling for you!
Because I am certain that if you were a booger
I would pick you first.
Although sometimes you are like candy,
half sweet,
half nuts.
its okay! Because its all that and more that
make me love you more each and every day i'm with you
(Just don't talk to juan.)
even When you over think things that are as simple as
123, and
And Make up your own rules in the proofs
and even if you are a slow reader
And Even if you did forget to tell me
you were going to cali.....
Even though we had breakfast at my house...
the day before
Or when you forget to tell me you weren't going to Mexico anymore
Anytime soon.
I still love that about you!
Just not when you actually did leave to beaner land..
Because You were too far
And it seemed like eternity 
And all I ask of you is,
But it's everything about you!!
And when you show me random pictures
when you tried to read my music
and call my clarinet
a flute or
a violin
Everything you do makes you so much more lovable in my eyes,
you make me laugh
when I'm mad at you.
When you try to remember pickup line for me
or even when you just read them to me
from my phone
and even more when you steal my phone
when I'm not paying attention
and try to run away with it knowing that
I will catch up to you very quickly.
I hike on the bikes you know?
I love everything
about you!
And yes even when you tease me
about my height or my capability.
And even when you tell me to shut up
And When you fix your hair after I
“mess it up”
and even more when you would come up with the strangest reasons
to hold my hand
Before we are dating
And yes even when you licked my hand
It doesn't change anything...
I still love you.
Even when you score higher than me on a
And When we have the same reaction towards things,
and we do it at the
same time
it's what I love
about you
and this is only a tinny portion
of reasons that explain
why you make me go bananas!
I know that if I need someone,
you will always be there
and I know that
because you have said it
and show it
even when I punch you,
kick you,
make fun of you
or send mix signals
Or even when I "exaggerate touch"
or even when I say "I need to strip"
you do not mind,
you just laugh at me 
And I feel stupid so I just stop
and when I do such things
it is not because I hate you
but because that's just me!
I am weird,
and quick
I wont lie,
there is no need to!
The whole world knows that
yet you are still with here
With me.
I tend to ask myself why,
and when I asked you
and you just laugh
I just hope that,
you laugh because its your way of saying,
“that's what I love about YOU”
and Many people will walk in and out of your life.
But only lovers will leave a footprint in your heart,
and you my dear have left a great leap
in mine!


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