I Live for You, the Death of me

Blurred memories of the past play, replay in front of me

Me eyes captured by rain of joy and sorrow

I miss it, I miss them, I miss us, I miss him

Cramps of love clench tight

My heart breaking, aching

My ribs can't support all these broken pieces


Curling, my body can't stand straight, the pain

Bend over in love, in front of him

I'm here, barely standing


He's smiling, still speaking

I hear him, his voice in the distance

Words so sweet they pierce my heart,

he's simply saying how his day went

I am cringing, curling, in pain

It aches, my heart, it breaks

To hear his voice, the piercing sound of every word


I hurt, it hurts, in pain

I miss us, what we were, where are we?

Inside I cringe in pain, my face hides it all

I'm here barely standing, barely holding up

The tears, they want to come, take all my hurt afloat

Fall down, dripping, dripping

I'm drowning in front of him


He know nothing

His words, still piercing, so piercing

I'm smiling, responding, faking

"That's great, awesome"

Awe, I'm hurting

inside I'm done, I'm gone

Down, I've fallen

I can't take it anymore


Bleeding out, my heart is breaking, broken

I'm pleading now

All my love is gone


I'm here, standing, barely

In a sea of my own tears,

In front of my heart,

Shattered inside,

Love flowing, excruciating

All the pain, I hide

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