I Know

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 15:25 -- Wolvena

A sword flashes through my sight

Blood flying from its blade

I’m entranced

It’s beautiful


I stand slack

The image firm in my mind

They stand there

A sharp blade loose in their hand

Blood dripping down into a growing pool


Around them lay corpses

Corpses I’m not sure are there

Not in this monochrome world

Not in this world where the only color is bloody red


A step forward into the red pool

I reach down a hand to the beautiful sword

It’s curved blade gleams in the lightless world

I touch it

Perhaps I’m not sane anymore


Taking away my hand I notice a small cut on my palm

Blood wells up, merging with the blood that was already on me

With a smile I know

No doubt in my mind


Bringing my hand up to my lips I taste the iron

My tongue flicks out to taste more of that crimson color

The only color that I can see anymore


They have disappeared

All that exists in this world now

Me, black, white, red, corpses, the ephemeral sword

Before I can tell my bloody hand has already grasped that sword


A thoughtful look at the sword and at this world

I smile

It’s a mad thing

Full of pain, glee, joy, rage, sorrow, loneliness, laughter

I know now


I maneuver the sword

It’s gleaming tip is pointed at a chest that no longer feels

I plunge it downwards


After all

I already know



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