I Hear A Cry


I hear a cry.

A cry that does not belong to just one but to millions.

 They are silent screamers that have no names, no faces, no identities.

Against their will they were sentenced to an eternity of cold silence.

They are the ones who could have been, should have been, whose lives were brought to a sudden end; before it even began.

They are the unborn who were denied their right to live.

They are the victims of a mass genocide. Faced with injustice because their homocides go unpunished.

They are the targets of a holocaust occuring right here in America..But.

We don't call it that, its labled "Pro-Choice" because it doesn't sound as bad.

Infact, we've been convinced that we've done nothing wrong. Cause they weren't alive at all. Just one formed tissue wrapped up together in an insignificant little ball.

We point a finger at the convicted criminal, who butchered his two year old daughter and hid her body parts in a nearby dumpster.

We point a finger at the Syrian militants who used child civilians as human body shields against stray bullets.

We're so busy pointing fingers that we fail to see a finger pointing down towards us, from above, because...

In God's eyes we are guilty of a crime.. A crime against humanity.

Our hands are tainted with the blood of the innocent. We have taken more lives than those lost in all the American wars in history combined!

So, how can we say that children are our future? When we continue to execute them every twenty-six seconds.

Our "future", is being decapitated and discarded into waste baskets across the country.

Can't you see what we are doing?

Can't you see what has been done?

Behind every child is its future descendants, when you abort one, you are destroying generations!

I hear a cry.

Its calling out from the soil of this nation screaming STOP!

Their tears are raining down from heaven and their pain is trapped in every drop.

I hear a cry.

It travels through the winds hoping to be heard.

Shhh.. Hear them.


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