I have to say thank

I have to say thank you
to this abstract thing
it may seem ridiculous
but the thought of it makes me want to sing

I never thought it would happen
then suddenly it did
before, I felt as though I were trapped
in a cage with a tight lid

Upon my release, I was tricked though,
they were so rude and unkind
telling me all these things
and words and lies

There were the good ones,
bad ones
certain ones
that I really did love

They say it's too soon
they say think first
but of course these experiences
make us know what is the worst

As well as what is the best
I know now what to actually look for
and how to find that
and though it seems much more of a bore

Taking the time to find that person
taking the time to know
is much, much easier
than constantly making foes

A good love
a bad love
they both teach us things
we never would've thought of

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