I Have a Name

I have a name What it is is not important because as far as your concerned I’m just the girl you caught a glimpse of  That could have been all I was to you but you made me into more. You made me into a target.  The reason being my gender, or maybe I’m a little overweight And yes, the face I made when I sneezed looked weird so you just had to laugh  but you could have stopped there  Instead, when I saw you again on the first day of grade 9 a week later you kept going.  When I showed up to school wearing my overalls and feeling confident  you tore me down. You started. you stared at me a little too long and maybe It was unintentional but you did. And just like that the little bit of confidence I had re-gained from our last encounter was taken away again.  And even then the cycle could have stopped.  I could have disregarded the looks you gave me as misunderstood facial expressions  and you could have carried on with your life,  and your friends,  and your family,  and your confidence  You wouldn't even have to think twice about the nameless girl  who was sitting at home, alone because she didn't have any plans  but being at home was the worst place to be due to her family, not understanding who she is  and she didn't have anyone to turn to because she didn't have friends  and not because she couldn’t make friends, but her social anxiety didn't let her,  and the fact that she just moved to a new school and knew absolutely no one didn’t help. She knew no one. No one other than the nameless boy who took away her self-worth with a stare. 

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