I Have To Go.

There is a weakness in me.

A small glint 

of a child not yet grown.


It lives in me,

And everything I am;

everything I do.


And at our worst,

It shone like a red giant,

engulfing every part of me.

So I had to stay the light.

To quench the flames that thirst

to destroy me.


The dynamic brilliance that is us

Tears apart.

That I may be raw. Vulnerable.

So as to destroy what seeks 

to destroy.


The way you asked me, 

“Please don’t go.”

Will live forever,

To haunt me, 

my thoughts, my dreams.


As I leave 

to press on

through the bowels of my journey;

to leave you to yours.

I will breathe the way I love you:


until the end of my life.

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