I hate you

I HATE that I remember random facts about you
Like what your laugh sounds like
Your favorite food
Your drink of choice
I HATE that the memories we made have yet to vanish
I HATE what has become of us
I HATE the blank stares we give when we run into each other
I HATE  that I remember how much fun it was to be around you
I HATE the way our friendship ended
I HATE that I miss you sometimes

What I HATE more than missing you is how you treated me
I HATE the comments you use to make
I HATE  whispers that I tried to ignore
I HATE the looks you use give
I HATE the way you made me feel

Hating all of these things gave me STRENGTH
STRENGTH to realize that I deserve better
STRENGTH to stand up to you
STRENGTH to walk away from you
STRENGTH to let go
STRENGTH to move on

MOVING ON meant me finding myself
MOVING ON meant  me learning to love myself,
MOVING ON meant me learning that loving myself meant hating those who's idea of friendship is based on tearing other people down , based on spreading hate , based on creating division .
MOVING ON meant  that I had to learn for myself the true meaning of self love ,
MOVING ON meant learning  the true meaning of friendship, because Noone can claim to love themselves if they are still holding on to dead friendships,  friendships that are tearing you down , friendships based solely on manipulation and negativity

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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