I Don't Need A Thneed!

Sun, 03/27/2016 - 08:45 -- Naivity

It is my conscious will

My want to always till

A world that never stays still.

It is my conscious awareness 

My life I impress

On a world ravaged with tests.

It is my conscious emotion

My brewing a potion

That furthers my soul in motion.

It is my conscious wisdom

My knowledge like phloem

That I am able to write this poem. 


It is the greatest mystery of life

Being conscious

Being alive to see the world thrive. 

It is the grandest of birthrights

For all creatures and man 

That we think and feel and plan.

It is, without doubt

The source of all reason

Since not to have it is treason

It is, I may say

And I can't resist 

The place where all love exists.


So I have been asked:

Is there one thing I need?

And no: it is not a Thneed.

The thing I need

Is needed to call

Needing anything at all.

It is this we preserve

And all will agree

Sitting under that coconut tree.

So it is my answer:

And you know it's true!

That just like you, I need consciousness, too.

This poem is about: 
Our world
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As we live our lives, we aspire to fulfill our wants and dreams. Whether it be a career, or love, or money, or chocolate cake, we constantly search the world for things that satisfy us, things that please us and we can hold on to. But we often forget, we take as defacto, we always take for granted: we all need our consciousness to experience any of those things at all, and that's a fact.

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