I build you up, for you to knock me down

I am your pedestal to happiness

My back your road 

Driving to find yourself 

Each mile crushing my soul 

A selfish journey 

No regard for casualty 

Keep it casual

You don’t want me 

I’m a stepping stone 

For your better days 

Use me up and leave me dry 

You don’t care about me 


My messes too messy 

Emotions to crazy 

One day I’m God 

The next 6ft deep 

You create these tears 

Then ask me why 

I slash my legs 

To be okay 

When you are the reason I feel this way 


Walking on eggshells 

To make sure you are safe 

I bring you up when you are sinking  

Beating, breaking me down 

You care only for yourself 

My emotions mean nothing 

My pain too messy 

You walk away too easy

It all meant nothing 

Every word was a lie

You never cared about me 


But I let you walk on my back 

Hoping one day you’d see 

My love for you was real 

But then you threw me a way 

For being too much 

This is who I am 

How can’t you see 

I’m here for you 

A powerful goddess of love and light 

To support and care

Why am I not good enough 

Why are my messes too messy

Why don’t you care. 


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