I, the born,...


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I, the born, originated in an abyss, encased in vague darkness; inaudible; interminable.
I, the born, progressed as the time withstood by an hourglass began to dwindle and dwindle, accumulating within its lower pit. My physique advanced in the lead, while my mindset soon trailed behind in an effort to meet, if not out best.
I, the born, possessed glue-like discharge upon my eyes, which hindered eyesight, yet compelled my ears to strengthen in reception.
I, the born, felt a fluctuation inside of my ever flourishing body, as well as another around me. I heard the synchronization in rhythms; thump thump, thump thump, thump thump; unified as a whole.
I, the born, was aware of the warmth surrounding me, as well as the nourishment I received.
What’s that I hear? By the 1/3rd mark, I began to hear a tune. A sort of humming, if you will, that remained gentle, cautious, and affectionate throughout its time. For days upon days, weeks upon weeks, months upon months-however fast the clock’s hands spun- I heard this melody consistently, and a stronger pulse it instilled in me.
I, the born, was on the verge of tears, but my ducts refused to shed even one. As the melody lengthened, time did the same. As the time lengthened, my tear ducts refusal remained perpetual.
I, the born, soon no longer heard the melodic tune as the time in the hourglass was near desolation. Instead, my ears were filled with booming voices and beeping of all sorts until finally, the day came when sirens pierced my ears. Crying and tension filled in their place, nearly palpable.
I, the born, was too profuse in a too minute locale. I rustled and stirred, pressed and pushed, to escape my abyss! I could no longer be trapped inside darkness. Suddenly, as if having been internally propelled by a greater force, I was released!
Push, push, push
Breathe in, breathe out
Silence and awe filled the air.
I, the born, was free. Coolness rushed in meeting my warmth, eager to acquaint itself. 32 pearl-white ivories flashed as lips curled into broad smiles; dozens of eyes blinked rapidly as tears beseeched upon many a cheek.
I, the born, was cradled in a beautiful woman’s arms. As the moment began to settle into blissful silence, a faint hum was released by her.
What’s that I hear?
The gentle melody that supported me through those dull and insipid months?
Or is it simply the tenderness and genuineness of a lullaby, a lullaby molded out of her love for me, the born?



I am exuberant after reading your poem! This is extremely well written. Your details create such an incredible movie of life within and directly after the womb! You are a very concise writer. Good luck in the slam! I'll be rooting for you during the review process! :)


I was only 15 years old when I originally wrote this poem. It amazes me how much I've learned throughout the past couple of years. I may be two years older, but I am also two years wiser! It goes without saying that I am very thankful to have people like you read it and actually feel something. Due to financial hardships, all of my money for university and medical school will be derived from scholarships- this one included! Your support is greatly appreciated. (:


The poem is very deep, I was under the impression you were older before I saw your comment, I thought you were one of those people that meditates to remember being in the womb, like an inner child opening to feeling thing sort of lol.  Your gifted!  Do you have a very long memory?  I am thirty one but I have several clear memories from age two, though nothing in the womb lol.  Peace!


i need say no words.

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