"I Been Judged"


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I have been judged about my troubles but do you not care to listen about my struggles that cause a knott in my stomach , an ache in my heart ,
It might be a heartache; it has been shattered "
but I am still here as I stand to be judge because of my troubles
I become (of a kind) according to YOU; Nothing more Nothing less
of any other heartache that lives in this world
of judgements and struggles but you do not know;
Yes i have struggled I struggled,

Just another disappointment
followed by a sigh is what I listened
As the judge of my troubles spoke and had no sympathy to Hear;
what followed around my troubles
It was like a lost puppy following around a young boy as he walked home from school,
he only intended to elevate in life away from troubles
But the truth is;
It wasn't a puppy that followed the Little boy , it was my struggle that hovered
forecasting my troubles that led up to
this ironic judgement that i hear
"Im suppose to sit in that box over their ?"
when I want to sit in that box witch YOU are standing in!
I am not granted much access or given much of an entry to seat in your bubble,
according to YOU

I am A victim or maybe an accomplice of a cause followed by troubles
but its Okay opinions to my hears just seem to fly away
but know the truth and heartaches that made it trough these struggles;

Remember this is my past
only a broken memory shattered..just shattered
But when your freight holds you at night
and your feats are the only jacket you have ,
these struggles of broken heartache's all seem to go away
of with the dust of into into the waves is where your judgements lays ,

I am more than you think !
I am like tectonic plates Waiting to erupt..
With out the plates drifting to into their separate ways ,

Where you stand and where i stand isn't much of a difference as we all wait ,
because when the lava erupts tomorrows sleep will not pick who will see the next day.

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