I am who I am


United States
32° 43' 2.1036" N, 97° 26' 36.7584" W

I tell them what I am,
Try to be who I am
It's not enough
I'm nothing to them
I am who I am.
Nothing will change that.
They say I'm a trashy whore,
That I'm a disrespectful brat.
They don't understand.
I am who I am.
My past defines me.
My reasons are my own.
Explaining only brings anger and pain.
In their eyes, I'm a disgrace.
Tears stream down my face
As I stare blankly into nothing.
To ignore their cutting words.
To hide the pain I'm really in.
Bleeding wounds are nothing compared to a bleeding soul.
Wounds heal, the soul does not.
They see me as something else.
They want me to be what I'm not.
I'm not a whore.
I don't dress like a slut.
I'm not spoiled.
I'm a normal kid
Just trying to survive the pain.
They'll never change me.
I'll never be what they want or who they want,
But I'm proud to be who and what I am


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