I Am Stuck

Sun, 12/01/2013 - 00:32 -- BJKurai


When I think of you,
I'm stuck,
How do I describe the fortune I feel?,
How do I pour out the colors behind my eyes,
When you say you love me?,


When you're there, you hear me,
You see me,
I'm not often seen,
And I burn myself for that,
I'm hopeful,
That my transparency isn't permanent,


That I am not fallen,
Or ruined,
Or dead,
Or... Warped,
I am no useless slab of splinter,
No blur of old wonder and memory,
I am me...


More myself than I have ever breathed alone,
Not new, not old,
Simply familiar,
When I think of you,
I'm stuck,


The lights, the colors of my skull,
So... Luminous,
So filled to the brim with volition,
You know my pain and my difference,


You have bled with me,
Caressed the scattered shards of myself,
When left alone,
See me,
Heal me,
And Smile,


You hear me when I say I love you,

And you say it back.


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