I am Sorry


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Before I end my sentence,

Listen for once.

Breathe through your heart, feel through eyes, and sing with an open mind.


I want to say a few things,

My life is not what everyone thinks,

I have been hiding, screaming, crying more than you can imagine.


I have through hell,

So have others,

But what you don't know is I wanted to say 3 words for many things.


I am sorry, I never bothered to reach out.

I am sorry, I cried more than the oceans.

I am sorry, I never told you the things I wanted to say.


Done with poem?

I would thought you left by now,

I am afraid...of everything, even my shadow...


I act brave and I shouldn't,

But I grew up being alone, being weak.

By the time I was in middle school I closed everyone and everything off.


I am sorry you don't know the real me.

I am sorry you had to deal with my mask.

I am sorry you had ever met me, one who is so lost and damaged.


My problem is everything, but the world.

I am angered with God,

Go ahead and SIN me, because I am something I knew for a LONG time.


I am a fallen angel,

An angel that fell from the Heavens,

A Demon that rose from the Hell.


I am sorry You can't stand me...

I am sorry I go against religion and God, but I can't stand him...

I am sorry I gave you a reason to judge me.


Life is the path to my existence,

The one I always wanted to avoid.

I am here now, so go ahead and punch me with words, actions, and emotions.


I have been abused for being different.

I have been strangled because people want me dead.

I have been harassed because people enjoyed my pain...


Did I stop them..?

No, because sadly...

I enjoyed it too.


I enjoyed seeing everything people had to say about me,

The pain made me realize, 

I am a punching bag for the world and I only accepted it...!


I am sorry I couldn't be strong enough to defend myself!

I am sorry that you realized what was going on but didn't do anything!

I am sorry that I was merely a mistake!


No dad, one abusive alholic stepfather, one hard-working mom, and hundreds of babysitters!

I may seem selfish right now...

But this is my poem, to let everyone know about me...


If it is too much for you too handle,

...then please don't read,

Move on along; I don't need your sympathy...


I push everyone away to let them know,

I am hiding something, 

And I am scared to reveal them truth.


I am...very sorry, I wasted all of your time.

I am extremely sorry that I am selfish...


I am terribly sorry...I didn't say anything sooner....

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