I Am... Scholarship Slam

Younger me,

was full of life,

my future stuck in a bag, in my hand lay the knife.

I stabbed and I poked,

I tried only to find,

that the knife lay dull and life was why.

Sharp objects I searched for,

Sharp objects i'd find,

each time life would come and each time it would pry.

Gave in I did,

I then called it quits,

I tossed over the bag and I layed on my mits.

This new angle I lay,

and wording I discover,

On the bag, a "tear me" layed above the mixed numbers.

I got up I did,

and you bet I ran over,

I picked up the bag, and I tore like no other.

On the inside of the bag,

I found a letter that reads,

"check your room, and then you'll see"

I looked and I found,

a couple of things,

a computer, a comic book, A Disney DVD.

The whole time I had hoped,

the bag would tell me,

what I would do in the future, as you could see.

Turns out the whole time,

The answer would be

my future was already decided... by me.

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