I am Not Like the Others

This will be hard to put out there

But, I know, it'll be worth it. Life isn't fair.


I've never thought about who I am. 

I could be Bi, Asexual, Homo, or Pan.

All of these thoughts could be real.

But, what I truly am, I must truly feel. 


I am not like the others.

I'm not popular, I wouldn't be a good mother. 

I hate my clothes, my body type too,

And I know everything I say isn't true.


But I know one thing for certain.

I want to put this out there, instead of hiding in a curtain.

I'm bisexual, I love women and men.

But, I realize right then,

I could be lying. It's probably not true,

Do you think so? Do You?


I am not like the others.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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