I Am Me By Nereida Reyes

I Am Me

By Nereida Reyes 

I am a lovable person,

a brown skinned Mexican of an independent family,

an adolescent girl that is honored.

I am a friendly teen,

a person that is generous at heart.

An image of my ancestors.

I speak with a gentle voice,

a voice as sweet as pie and sharp as a knife.


I am a joyful person,

full of life like the flowers blown by the wind.

Like a predator getting ready to pounce on its prey.

Like a fat boy getting ready to eat chocolate.

I am of a joyful family:

We cheer with joy.


I am not cruel, even though we are all born sinful.

I am not desperate, even though anxiety lives in me.

I am not disrespectful, even though I speak the truth.


I am humble. My family made me.

I have kindness in my heart.

I am a lovable person.

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