I Am Me


I am Me

Like a dragonfly in a group of butterflies,

I am slightly out of place,

Wandering through a tundra,

With no destination, in no race.

Yet I am the firefly,

when all the other bugs go to bed,

I am as bright as the first lightbulb,

illuminating an era filled with dread.

I am the crack on a sidewalk,

Avoided and walked around,

And I am a dent,

that is bent, that is profound.

But I am the sun,

often shining, and sometimes blocked,

Just a moment out of the clouds,

I can bring a smile to someone.

Like a lighthouse, directing ships to shore,

I am a guide,

A beacon of light to one who is stuck.

I am a buoy in the midst of a storm,

floating on top and refusing to drown,

even when the air is thick and the water is rough,

I will put on a smile, and away a frown.

I’m like the acorns scattered all over,

Fallen from trees with a purpose to grow,

To provide shelter and strength,

Or a nice, cool shade on a hot summer day.

But all in all, I am me,

And I like it that way.



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