I am Me

Sat, 07/07/2018 - 10:28 -- Jullie

I am me and no one can control me
Not my parents nor my friends
I am me and I decide to be who I wanna be
All I want to be is being free

Can state my opinion is all I needed
People didn't have to understand the way I think
Just understand that I'm different than they think

I am me and it's my right to feel perfect
I didn't have to be bother with my weight
Weights are just numbers
And I didn't want numbers meassure me

I am me whether I have a monolid or double eyelid
I still me whether I'm fat or skinny
Whether my skin is tan or white
No one and nothing can change me

I am me whether I put thin or thick makeup
Whether I'm a bachelor or just a high school graduation
What I do is reflection of me
I love being different and not bother to change
It's okay if people call me freak

Because in the end
I am that girl I always wanted to be
The girl who able to being free
Fill her days with laugh and dance
Sing from top of the lungs and not afraid
To state what's on her mind.
I am me and nothing can define me

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