I am, I can, I will

I am.

I can.

I will be.


I am a contribution to the future.

I can contribute my future for the lives of many.

I will be there for the lives of many because of my future.

I am because it is what it is.

I can get what I give.

I will because this is it.


I am a student, a brother, a future nurse

I can be a prisoner, a drop-out, a curse

I will not be.


I am a realist, I am real in physicality

I can be physically active, really.

I will try to be.


I am not who I say I am sometimes.

I can sometimes not be who I say I am.

I will, at some times, make these mistakes.


I am human, I hope you accept me.

I can hope to accept you too.

I will accept truth no matter the stake.


I am looking forward.

I can look forward or be content with the present

I will accept the present and my presence as presents.


I am neutral at the moment.

I can be negative with the past.

I will be positive looking onward.


I am who I want to be.

I can control who I will be.

I will be who I can be.


I am me because

I can and

I will.








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