I Am... Here.

People always tell me they feel safe with me,

always listening so patiently to their personal plea.

Truth is I never asked for this, 

I didn't want to be their psychiatrist.

I want to see the future where I'm holding a degree,

something with deep and personal meaning to me.

I'm your average Walter Mitty,

living dreams out to avoid reality.

I want to design,

to shape the matrix of my brain into the living world,

to shape constructed fantasies,

and see thoughts unfurled.

But until then I help.

But until then I watch.

Until then I am trapped in an ever growing nightmare, 

one that collapses in on itself demanding what I see as unfair, 

hoping only to pull myself free from this misery,

hoping to become a part of this worlds great and growing history,

knowing full well that I no longer have anything to fear,

But until that fateful day comes to pass,

I Am Here.

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