I Am Five Again

Sun, 04/05/2015 - 02:53 -- kb97


This is normal says the teacher

Talking about the emotions

Of a person in a book

And suddenly I am not in the class


I am five again

His hands wandering to places they shouldn't

My hands shaking in fear

My eyes squeezed shut to block out the world


I am five again

Feeling shame because it feels good

And at the same time feels so bad

And he says to shut up you little slut when I start to cry


I am five again

And I am scared to tell

Because he says it makes me bad

And I'll get in trouble with mommy and daddy


I am five again

Tears streaming down my face

And he laughs

And says it's okay this is normal


I am five again

Until the teacher taps my shoulder

And I jump

And they all laugh


How kind of you to join us she says

Now back to the question

Is it normal

For Leah to feel this way about her father's rules


And even though I answer

In my head

I am still five again

This poem is about: 



exacctly how PTSD feels. 

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