I am a Child

The Lord sent me to

Earth so I can

laugh and play.

He sent me into your life

hoping you'd love me

and take care of me everyday.



But you decided to end

my life before I had a chance to live it.

You thought of yourself instead of me.

I screamed as they took me away from you.

I writhed in pain as they tore me away.

I cried realizing you don't love me.



I was hoping to one day call you Mommy.

I was so happy to finally be on this Earth.

But I was then heartbroken to know you don't feel the same.

So I sit alongside Jesus, still wishing I was yours.

I hold onto His hands, along with those not precious enough.

I stand with those whose lives were torn away.



I am a child, not a situation to get rid of.

I have a life to live, not one to end early.

I have a heart that wants to feel love, not feel pain.

I have beautiful eyes that want to see you.

I have a soul worth caring about, not one to toss away.

I am a child.

I have a life.

I have a heart.

I have beautiful eyes.

And I have a soul.

Isn't that enough??



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