I Am

I’m from my mother's cooking

The smell of curry chicken,

Down the hall from the kitchen



I’m from the early mornings sounds

Of a broom

The long bus rides to school

From her warms hugs

Right before she leaves

I’m from my mother's lectures

“You get what you get and you DON’T get upset.”

“If ya don’t hear ya going to feel”



I’m from pointless fights

The grabbing and punching

With my sisters

From the makeup hours later

I’m from our complicated relationship

From our sisterly talks

I’m from her sisterly lectures



I’m from climbing trees

I’m from mangos

I’m from the Caribbean

I’m from playing cricket


I am from the longs train rides

I’m from a melting pot

I’m from walking the

Brooklyn Bridge

I’m from the city that never sleep


This poem is about: 
My family
My country
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