I am


United States
40° 57' 24.3108" N, 74° 11' 18.8988" W

I am alone
Surrounded by people yet still on my own
Severed connections, we cannot relate
A wall is between us, it refuses to break
The wall is my own, I built it myself
The only thing that passes is fear, with speed and stealth
That makes itself known when it cripples me
Leaving me broken, hurting, forgetting I’m free
Forgetting I believe I am loved and forgiven
By a powerful God who once died but is risen
I forget that although I’m inadequate, He’s enough
And that He still loves me although I mess up
When I take a step back and allow this to sink in
Healing, acceptance, and life can begin
His love breaks the wall down, brick by brick
Creating healthy relationships that can grow and stick
And I remember that although I’m imperfect and uncut,
I am loved.


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