My pen gliding against the paper

Drawing out my words

A voice thats unknown,

A desire to be heard

Music, art, writing,

A mind full of words,

A voice of meaning,

And the hatred of lying

I am different

I am unique

I am not the same as you,

Yet, of course, I am not ashamed

I am never fully understood,

Yet that doesn't give me the reason to be changed

I think differently,

But that doesn't make me insane

I have a dream that people don't think i can accomplish,

A dream that people will truly know my name

I have a dream that is known as impossible,

A dream for the world to be free of all locked doors, dungeons, and chains

But the world is alwasy at war,

It may never be "the same"

My life

I speak my life throrugh ways not many seem to understand

I speak through music,

I speak through poetry,

Not something that all people have the sight to see

I am who I am

I am who I want to be

I am myself and that is all,

And i know that I am free



your poem truely touched my heart. you are a unique person that simpy wants to be accepted as you are and not to be changed to something you're not.

by the way are you a songwriter.


Thank you so much, and i love poetry and i have written a few songs, and i'm starting to get back into it. Are you? Sorry for the late response, but ive been busy

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